GOLD Circle CEO, Michel Nairac, has responded to rumours that the KwaZulu-Natal operator had officially taken over racing’s dedicated channel, Tellytrack, while trainer Paul Lafferty has squashed weekend messages being passed along on Whatsapp forums that he was the man who would be managing a new, revamped DSTV #239.

Nairac told Turf Talk on Sunday: “Tellytrack is owned jointly by PGL, Gold Circle and Kenilworth and was managed by Phumelela as a cost centre along with several other business entities.

“Several weeks ago, we at Gold Circle offered to take over the management of Tellytrack and also of the Phumelela International Division. Without the feed of our picture and our international revenue we won’t survive. We want to save costs and settle the war between Phumelela and bookmakers.

“Our aim is to sign up more bookmakers as subscribers to the Tellytrack feed, and as advertisers on the channel. Considering our own relationships with bookmakers, Gold Circle is in a better position to negotiate this. Our proposal was considered and accepted by our own Board, and the respective Boards of Phumelela and Kenilworth.

“Now, however, Phumelela has gone into business rescue and full control lies with the Business Practitioner, John Evans. He will be looking into all aspects of the business, making decisions for its future which includes hiring and firing. Our proposal stands as it is, and we’re hoping that the control of Tellytrack stays with racing people.”

Nairac said that everyone who has the interests of racing at heart should be aligning themselves to coherence and finding solutions at this time. He cautioned that industry players, racing fans and parties involved in restructuring should be careful in playing the ball and not the man.

 “We have to keep the best skills for racing, in racing. We shouldn’t be insulting people and calling for their heads when all the facts are not known. There are valuable skills in our existing structures, representing years of experience which should not be lost to us in a future administration.”

Lafferty, meanwhile, said that his connection to a “new” Tellytrack went as far as discussing the Gold Circle proposal with his fellow-directors on the Board. “I have not been appointed as CEO of Tellytrack. That is complete nonsense,” he said.


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