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Quality Articles for the Good of Horse Racing

TURF Talk is a website dedicated to horse racing and breeding in South Africa, with an international touch to round it off. We also produce a free Newsletter to subscribers, five days a week. (Watch the home page for details, soon).

Turf Talk was commissioned and formed by a group of companies with the interests of racing at heart, and is funded by advertising revenue from the industry.

The heart of Turf Talk is good reading. It is our aim to produce quality content with unique articles for you to enjoy every day. We won’t join the rush for “scoop” stories just for the sake of it and we won’t entertain debates which invariably become slinging matches with no satisfactory outcomes.

Rather, we’re taking a step back, with the purpose of bringing you quality reads from behind the scenes, those wonderful stories of people and horses which lend the Sport Of Kings that special touch found nowhere else.

Like all others in the media ring, we’ll be reporting on current and newsworthy events in the racing world, but our focus will remain on finding stories you’d like to read. There are topics that make the stomach churn, others that can easily end up in blood and tears, but we’ll purposefully steer away from that for the sake of balance in the arena of the racing media.

Some will argue that we will be going through racing with our eyes closed, but then so be it. The noble aspects of racing, the many dreams and the romance it fosters and the exciting allure of the racetrack experience is what made this sport the unequalled giver of the deepest thrills imaginable.

Perhaps, if we all start seeing horseracing’s beauty and pride again, we can re-ignite in the greater public the love we all share for the greatest sport of them all!

Please mail us with your ideas and stories. Welcome to our site!