SAMPIE Mokoakoe, a kind-hearted South African, took part in the recent Mongol Derby, the longest and toughest horse race on earth. His actions during the race are said to have inspired his fellow competitors, spectators, crew and all.

A support crew vehicle became trapped in a bog (a type of wetland made up of dead plant material). Sampie stopped to help the crew even though he was on a tight time schedule for his race. The team was blown away by his kindness.

According to the Endurance Ride Association of South Africa (ERASA), Sampie earned a 17th place position in the race as well as two awards. He was given the Sportsmanship Award for always helping anyone in need and the Herder award, for being a crowd favourite.

“Everyone was talking about the unbelievable spiritual connection he had with his horse” and they wanted to know his secret,” said one herder from the race.

The Mongol Derby was inspired by the days of Genghis Khan when horse messengers would ride for thousands of kilometres without stopping. They would change up their horses
every 40 kilometres and continue until they reached their destination. The horses in this race are semi-feral which makes it very
challenging to complete.  – Good Things Guy.

Photo: Sarah Farmsworth.


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