PHUMELELA Gaming & Leisure Limited said it is considering its options following the Public Protector’s release of her final report regarding an investigation into allegations of maladministration and improper conduct in connection with the corporatisation of the horseracing industry in South Africa.

In a Sens-announcement, the company said: “Although the Public Protector has not directed Phumelela to take any remedial action, she has, inter alia, directed the Premier of the Gauteng Provincial Government and the Gauteng Gambling Board (the GGB) to ensure that Phumelela’s portion of the 6% levy on punters’ winnings on fixed-odds bets, is withdrawn. This levy is collected and paid to Phumelela in terms of the Gauteng Gambling Act and Regulations and forms the subject of pending High Court litigation between Phumelela, the Premier, the GGB and the Gauteng MEC for Economic, Environment, Agriculture and Rural Development.”

According to the Sens-announcement, Phumelela has been advised that this directive, as well as other portions of the Public Protector’s report, is reviewable, and Phumelela is considering its options.




  1. I hope that Phumelela takes on the Public Protector in Court.
    Should they lose the Court Case, they must sue their attorneys for the bad advice.
    I have done some research on the Phumelela attorneys. It makes for interesting reading.

    J. Roodt was appointed the attorney for the Racing Association shortly after Markus Jooste joined its board of directors.
    The same J Roodt was appointed to the Racing Trust by Markus Jooste and eventually became chairman of the Trust.
    The same J Roodt assisted with changes to the constitution in the Trust Deed which changes have given the trustees too much power.
    J Roodt became the attorney for Phumelela when Markus Jooste had finally entrenched himself and Rian Du Plessis took the helm.
    J Roodt has represented Steinhoff on the Markus Jooste era.
    J Roodt has earned over R15,000.000 in fees over the past 10 years from all the various parties involved.
    The success rate of Phumelela using J Roodt in litigation is poor.
    For the benefit of horse racing, Phumelela needs use a black firm of attorneys. The old must go.


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