BARRY Irwin, President of Team Valor International and a long-time supporter of and investor in the South African racing and breeding industries, will be sending a leading US veterinarian to our shores next week to consult with the South African Equine Health and Protocols team.

Irwin told Turf Talk on Thursday: “I was very happy to be back in action in South Africa (at the CTS Sale) recently because of the dramatic changes caused by the departure of Markus Jooste. I wanted to see firsthand the mood among the industry’s players. I came away suitably impressed.

“Also, I wanted the players to know that, after years of South Africa having been unable to solve the export riddle, that I had decided to play a proactive role in solving the issue. To this end this coming week, I am dispatching at my own expense Dr. Rob Holland, one of the world’s leading equine immunologists and disease researchers, to meet with the relevant players in the export initiative to find out first hand a) what progress has been made and b) what he can do to assist in bringing the initiative to fruition.

“Once the export puzzle has been solved, South Africa will be in line to become a force in worldwide racing and breeding. I’d like to help in this effort by bringing to the exercise a man that had pulled off more than one miracle in his career, from Australia to China.”

Adrian Todd of the South African Equine Health and Protocols team said: “We have been discussing Dr Holland’s impending visit with Barry and we are coordinating his trip. Opportunities to interact with overseas experts are vital to our efforts. We now know our science is solid and every opportunity to have an international assessment of our systems and technical processes is of enormous value to the effort. We are grateful to Barry for his support.”

-From Turf Talk Newsletter.

Image: Racing Post.


  1. Thanks very much to Barry Irwin ! Like him l am an investor in South Africa since 9 years. I have followed up the entire story of the AHS problem feeling that the rules of the current quarantine seemed absolutely unjustified.
    I have tried to catch the attention of the French and moreover EU for a complete change of this straitjacket ! So hoping that your action, Barry will effectively participate in this change that the country needs so much !


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