A filly from Harold Crawford’s stable had to be euthanised after she was mysteriously let out of her stable alongside nine others, ran freely inside the Milnerton training centre and was injured in the early hours of Monday morning.

Crawford’s assistant trainer Michelle Rix, still in a state of shock mid-morning Monday, said that ten horses, stabled inside the complex but outside of the main barn, had their stable doors opened and were let loose during the course of Sunday night or Monday morning.

“We have no idea who would have done this. I just can’t believe it. When our head groom arrived at 5.30am, the ten outside stables were empty and our horses were running around al over the centre, with no security in sight. One filly, Twice As Shy, injured her knee badly, we X-rayed the knee and it was so bad we had to put her down.”

Dean Diedericks, Phumelela’s National Tracks Manager, said that he was investigating what had happened and he commented at 10am: “I have just arrived and unfortunately I have no official explanation for what happened here. I will be speaking shortly to the security officers and their supervisor to gain more information.

“What we do know is that 10 horses were let out, several of them obtained injuries in running around and one was seriously injured. We are not sure whether they were let out on Sunday night or early this morning, it could be that they were let out just before the head groom came in at 5.30, but as said I have no official answers.”

Diedericks added: “Normally this kind of issue is related to a dispute between grooms and their employers but again, nothing of the kind has been established, the matter is under investigation and I will report back.”

Photo: The outside stables from which horses were let loose.



  1. When is phumelela going to take the security issues in Cape Town seriously or has someone be killed before any action is take


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